Teams & Roles


UbuCon Asia organizing team is consisted with 2 teams: Global team and Local team

Global team

Global team is usually consisted with Ubuntu Community people from diverse countries and regions. What they usually do is choosing location for hosting the event (Call for bids, Evaluate bids from local teams, Choose city for hosting the event with vote), Help raising fund by gathering sponsorships across the world, Provide guidance to local team about how the event and its details should be implemented. Global team also reviews proposals from people who want to speak at the event (usually collaborate with local team on this). And also do some global promotion (or marketing) campaign to bring global audiences to the event.

Local team

Local team is usually consisted with people from the region where event will happen. Local teams are usually created by Ubuntu LoCo in that region. But if Ubuntu LoCo is not much active, It could be also created by other local FOSS community interested in Ubuntu and willing to host the event. They are the people who actually implement the event on-site with guidance from the global team. What they do for preparing the event is mainly logistics stuff: Acquiring the venue, Get venue decorated with banners and other installation, Setting up on-site IT infrastructure needed for the event, Swags, Speaker travel and more. Promoting the event through local community is also done by local team. Currently, managing the fund for the event as well as signing on sponsorship contract is also handled by local team along with operating the travel grant program.



Coordinate the whole organizing team in general. Usually chair bi-weekly meeting, assign tasks to specific team or person. Help sync informations and updats across all organizers. Organizers with this role usually also act as main contact point of the organizing team including both global and local team.

Sponsorship & Finances

People in Sponsorship & Financial role are responsible for raising fund for organizing the event and plan event expenses. These includes but not limited to: Designing standard sponsorship programs(sponsorship tiers, packages, pricing), Reaching out potential companies or organizations who might sponsor our event, Make deals and handle sponsorship fee payment process, Draft budget plan and decide where to spend.

Usually, Both Global team and Local team work together to brings sponsors and manage event finances. Global team usually reach out global companies and returning sponsors while Local team usually reach out local business who would be interested to sponsor the event.


People with this role are in charge of making the conference programs schedules. This includes but not limited to:

- Call for propopsal preparation: Drafting Call for proposal announcement, Preparing proposal submission form, Decide session types(such as talks, workshops, BoFs) and duration for each session types(30min, 90min, 50min), Estimate how many session slots will be available based on sessioin types and available rooms.
- Gathering speakers: Announcing Call for proposals, Reach out potential speakers, Providing some advises for potential speakers heditating to submit proposals.
- Review and judge proposals: Review and give scores to submitted proposals from potential speakers, Communicate with proposal submitters whose proposal can be improved with feedbacks, Decide which proposals to accept, reject or pend for backup.
- Schedule sessions on timetable: Draft conference timetable based on accepted proposals.
- Get speakers prepared to talk: Communicate with accepted speakers to notify about event schedule, what they will need to prepare for presentation.
- Moderate tracks: If possible, people from content team are also responsible for moderating tracks on-site.


People with marketing role usually work together to spread out the event and bring large number of audiences to the event on-site. Their activities includes but not limited to:

- Define target audience for promoting the event of the year
- Post announcement and press release on UbuCon Asia and Ubuntu Discourse.
- Post promotional content across UbuCon Asia's social media and also local team's social media.
- (Local team) Reach out local FOSS, Tech communites and bring them as community partner to promote the event further within local community and bring many audiences.
- (Global team) Bring global audiences to the event. By reaching out community leaders of previously hosted locations, global foss project leaders and more.
- Reach out press media to promote the event through media to spread the event to much larger audience.
- Design promotinal graphics such as news card, on-site posters that would attract potential audiences to join the event.
- Design marketing materials such as event logo of the year, swags(stickers, t-shirts), on-site banners and more.


People working this role are in charge of video related stuff of the event which includes:

- Prepare equipment setup for video recording and live straming (such as video camera, microphones, audio mixer, laptop for live streaming, fast and stable internet connection)
- Live stream each session to online video channels such as YouTube, PeerTube and other local platform if needed.
- Edit and publish video recording of each sessions.
- Collaborate with marketing to edit and publish short event recap video.


Web team folks are responsible for setting up event website and keeping information on the website up to date. Including main website of the event of the year(, Blog(, Indico system which is used for call for proposals and timetables, event index page( and more.

Travel support

Assist people across the world to join the event on-site with least difficulties. This includes documenting travel guide to the event location (such as flight information, accommodation info, local travel route, CIQ(Customs, Immigrations(and Visa), Quarantine) and more), Visa invitation support and guidance, Securing accommodation in-advance for event participants. Reviewing travel grant application, approving and assigning granted amount to applicants are also done by people with travel support role in cooperation with sponsorship and finances folks.

Logistics & Facility

People with this role are in charge of getting needed equipments ordered and delivered to on-site on-time. and also installing on-site event infrastructure such as wired/wireless network setup, reception/banners/sponsor booth setup. Getting catering for snacks, tea and meals(lunch/dinner) prepared and Swags deliverd to the venue is also in charge with people with these roles.