Event overview

Conference content

UbuCon Asia usually runs 3 rooms simultaniosly for conference sessions. One of them is usually a large auditorium that can handle about 200~300 participants for Keynote, talks and Panel discussions that would be inspiring many participants. The other rooms are small classroom that can handle 20~40 participants for breakout sessions: Talks, Workshops or BoFs

Most sessions are academic-style conference presentation with some Q&A with audiences. English is mostly used to give presentations. But depending on the country, sometime there are also some sessions in native language of the host city.

Most sessions are at least recorded as videos, if possible we also live stream online so that people could also join the event remotely. After the event, session videos are also edited and published on UbuCon Asia YouTube channel and other video channels if available.

Social events

We usually try to organize conference dinner and group tour.

Conference dinner is usually organized at least once right after the closing of Day 1 programs with around 40~80 participants scale. If possible, another one could be also organized after Day 2 program. It can be either organized on-site (in the venue) by bringing catering, Or off-site (Usually restaurants or banquet room near the venue). Usually event staffs(Organizers and volunteers), speakers and sponsors joins the dinner. And if there's more seats avilable, few attendees also join the dinner sometimes.

Group tour is usually organized next day of Day 2 with 15~25 participants scale. It could be either a half-day or full day group tour schedule. Details are usually up to local team. They can either prepare through travel agency, or just plan group tour themselves. The tour schedules usually includes visiting some famous attractions and meals (lunch and dinner)

Travel grants

Travel grant is one of the largest parts that takes event budget plan. Through travel grant, the conference usually covers flight expenses of overseas speakers. The funding is usually provided as reimbursement after the event with proof of purchase collected from beneficaries rather flights booked by organizing team or transfer before the event.


We also provide accomodations for speakers and organizers. We usually try to provide low-cost shared rooms which could be university dormitory rooms when available or some other cheap hotels nearby the venue. Usually local team acquires rooms about at least 2~3 month before the event than assign it to speakers or organizers who need.


Catering is optional, But if possible the conference provides catering for participants. Depending on budgets and funding, We try to provide at least for speakers and staff first than if possible, we also try to provide catering for participants.

Lunch is usually provided. Details could be vary by depending on environment and venue policy, It could be either meal boxes for each person or fingerfood buffet catering that would allow participants to pick foods they would like.


Total budget amount is usually around between 30,000 USD and 45,000 USD including travel grant. Exact total budget amount is vary by the host city and country.

Funding is mostly raised with sponsorships. Some part is also raised with donations from individuals and ticket fee income. While most expenses are covered by funds raised with sponsorships, many sponsors don’t deposite sponsorship fee until late in the process. (There are also some sponsors deposit fees after the event due to their own policy)


While Canonical usually joins us as sponsor with top-tier sponsorship package, Usually it's not enough with just funds we got from Canonical. Thus, we also reach out companies who would be interested to sponsor us and promote them through the community.

As we don't have any legal entity or fiscal host dedicated for our event, Currently we rely on local team to hold and manage the event fund. For now, we require local team to bring their own fiscal host with legal status who can sign on the sponsorship agreements on behalf the organizing team, hold the raised funds and make expenses.

Sponsorship is not donation, Sponsors usually provides us funds to gain some marketing benefits for gaining awareness among the community. Depending on sponsorship packages, We usually provide wide range of benefits: Such as logo exposure, sponsor session slot, sponsor exhibition booth and much more.

IT Infrastructure & Equipments

Since most of sessions involves presenting slides to many audiences. At least, We will need these equipments for each rooms:

  • Beam projector with screen for projection or large TV display that speakers(presentors) can connect their laptop.
  • Microphones and speaker(audio)
  • Stable Internet connection: Either WiFi or Wired(ethernet) - Should be available at least for speakers and event staff
  • A lot of power sockets that people can plug their laptop or other electronics for charging